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Building Methodology for Social Dimension Analysis

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The workshop was held at UGM in Yogya on 24-30 October 2011 and attended by scientists from FORDA Bogor & Makassar, CIFOR, UGM, Trees4Trees, ANU and staff from local NGO. This workshop was coordinated by A/Professor Elske van de Fliert from University of Queensland, team leader for research task #1, and Ms. Silvi Nur Oktalina from Gadjah Mada Universityteam leader for research task #2 ‘Forestry livelihoods framework’The purpose of the workshop was to develop a detailed methodology for research task #1. Several issues discussed were as followed:

1. To describe social profile of locations of study, including diversity in culture and ethnicity as well as the structure of local decision making2.

2. To describe challenges and opportunity for various segments of society in the past and present, including health, welfare, food security and business opportunities, as well as gender issue

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