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Evaluation of the Master TreeGrower Courses in Indonesia: Phase 2 2018-2020

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A pilo t of the Ma ster TreeG rower (MTG) t rainin g c ourse was c o nducted in 5 proje ct sites duri ng th e fi rst pha se of the CBCF project (FST/2 008/0 30), namely: S umba wa (West Nusa Tenggara), Pati (Central Java), G unungk idul (Yogy aka rta), Bulukumba (South Sul awe si), an d Ko nawe (Sou thea st Su la wesi ). T he cour ses w ere conduc ted from March to Ju ne 201 4 a nd we re led b y WWF, Gadjah Mada University, FORDA Bogor and FORDA Makassar respectively

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  • Publisher : ACIAR FST/2015/040
  • Year : 2021

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