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Communication and Dissemination Report

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Project ‘Enhancing community-based commercial forestry in Indonesia’ (ACIAR Project No. FST/2015/040) is intended to identify how community-based forestry can increase the incomes of smallholders and the broader benefits from it to local communities and industries. All key stakeholders related to the commercial forestry sector were intended to be engaged. The project team identified the stakeholders as target for its communication and dissemination activities. Activities and achievements of the project need to be communicated in wider communities as an effort of dissemination and disclosure of project information. Various means have been done by the project related to this concern which are presented in this communication report.

Penulis : Aneka Prawesti Suka S.Sos., M.SE, M.A.
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  • Type : Laporan Kerjasama
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  • Publisher : ACIAR FST/2015/040
  • Year : 2021

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