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Adoption of Tree Farming by Smallholders in Pati and Bulukumba, Indonesia

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The focus of this study is the adoption of commercial tree farming by smallholders and the land use changes they have engaged in since their first investment in trees. This report describes the characteristics of smallholders who grow trees, their farmland and the selected tree species (i.e. teak (Tectona grandis), sengon (Paraseriantes moluccana) and gmelina (Gmelina arborea). A survey of smallholders was conducted in two study sites – in the districts of Pati district (Central Java) and Bulukumba (South Sulawesi), Indonesia. The results revealed the adoption of tree farming by smallholders has resulted in a significant transition from agricultural crops to more forested landscapes. Informal sources of information (i.e. farmers, friends and relatives) had a profound impact on the adoption of tree growing, especially for tree species that had been established in the districts for more than 50 years (i.e. teak). Also, fast-growing trees (i.e. sengon and gmelina) have become widely adopted due to strong market, government and non- government incentives and support. However, recommended silviculture (i.e. fertilizing, pruning and thinning) was still not fully practiced by all smallholders. The motivation to grow commercial trees was a combination of short- and long-term economic, social and environmental reasons, but the economic objectives were typically unfulfilled. This resulted in the cessation of tree growing by some farmers. There is a need for further investigation of the rate of cessation of smallholder tree farming so accurate projections can be made about likely timber yields and concerns held by smallholders growing trees commercially can be addressed.

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  • Year : 2020

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