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The urgency of increasing private forest farmers’ capacity building towards the increase of their livelihood: Lessons from Indonesia

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Private forest farmers have the significant role in CBCF (community based commercial forestry). Farmers used to manage their farms without adequate knowledge on how to manage their forest better. The revenue of that model of farm management have been alleged, they have not received a proper and fair revenue. Under such condition, it is questionable of farmers’ land productivity, i.e. the quality of wood production and the revenue from their forests. However, the circumstance showed the evidence that private forest farmers who have the greatest contribution gained the smallest margin. This study is introducing an understanding of new paradigm in managing farmers’ farm, i.e. MTG (Master Tree Grower) approach.

Penulis : Drs Bugi Kabul Sumirat M.Phil
Anggota :
Dr Abdul Kadir Wakka .
Achmad Rizal Bisjoe
Nurhaedah S.P.M.Si
Nur Hayati SP., M.Sc.
Rini Purwanti -
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  • Type : Poster
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  • Publisher : ACIAR Enhancing Community-based Commercial Forestry in Indonesia
  • Year : 2017

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