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Livelihood Assets in Managing Community Forest in Indonesia: Case Study at Pati, Central Java

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Community forest in Indonesia has been developed widely. For example in Pati District of Central Java, income from community forest can compete with standard of wage (UMR) where its contribution to total income reached 25-30%. So far, in managing their community forest, farmers have more emphasis on technical aspects to grow good wood while non-technical aspects to maximize benefits of community forests are less acknowledged. Livelihood assets (consist of five capitals: human, natural, financial, physical and social) as one of non-technical aspects that directly attached to individuals could be used to understand how farmers managing their community forests and making improvement on it. Objectives of this research were to identify current use of livelihood assets in community forest management and to recommend the empowerment priority. Livelihood assets possessed by each of high, medium and low classes of farmers influence how they manage their community forests. The influence of livelihood assets was analyzed using a scoring method and presented in a pentagon diagram for each welfare class. Results showed that physical and financial capital were the most utilized for all welfare classes, while human capital was less utilized. There is a need to strengthen awareness on the importance of human capital as well as increasing farmer’s capacities through training and learning process that can be used to maximize benefit of community forests. Empowerment efforts to improve livelihood should be given more to the farmers in low class so they can have relatively equal size of pentagon diagram (i.e. livelihood assets) with other welfare classes.

Penulis : Aneka Prawesti Suka S.Sos., M.SE, M.A.
Anggota :
Dr Silvi Nur Oktalina
Dra Setiasih Irawanti M.Si
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  • Type : Prosiding
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  • Publisher : ACIAR Enhancing Community-based Commercial Forestry in Indonesia
  • Year : 2017

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