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Evaluation Report of Pilot Master Tree Grower (MTG) Training Courses

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A Master TreeGrower initiative introduced through the Community-Base Commercial Forestry (CBCF) Project, an ACIAR Project No FST/2008/030 provides a new extension approach in Indonesia to promote smallholder effective learning. Seven MGT courses conducted at the five project sites through this project have demonstrated not only their effectiveness in promoting effective learning (Reid, R, Syafii, S., et al., 2014), but also effective in changing smallholders’ forestry practices. Recent evaluation studies conducted at Pati, Gunungkidul, and Bulukumba1 confirmed the roles of MTG courses in promoting smallholders’ forestry practices (in both silvicultural and marketing practices), not only at the MTG course participants, but also at the surrounding farmers.

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  • Publisher : ACIAR FST/2015/040
  • Year : 2017

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