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Report of a Study Tour to Victoria – Australia: Some Key Lessons Expressed by the Participants

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The second phase of the CBCF Project 'Enhancing community-based commercial forestry Indonesia' [FST/2015/040] has facilitated learning at the farm level at all project sites: Pati, Gunungkidul, Lampung, Bulukumba and Gorontalo. Farmers learnt through a series of Master TreeGrower (MTG) training courses conducted at these project sites, and even have changed their trees and farm management practices. A complement to this farmer learning approach, a Farmer to Farmer Mentoring (F2FM) trial was conducted in three project sites: Gunungkidul, Pati and Bulukumba. The evaluation of the F2FM trial confirmed the effectiveness of peer mentoring to facilitate farmers’ learning and changing farmers’ practices of tree and farm management.

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  • Publisher : ACIAR FST/2015/040
  • Year : 2020

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