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Financial models for smallholder sengon and teak plantings in the Pati district, Indonesia

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President Widodo declared in 2014 a goal of establishing 12.7 million ha of social forestry established across Indonesia by 2019. Despite the ambitious targets, implementation has been slow and returns for smallholders variable. For most smallholders, any motivation to plant trees competes with their interest in planting short term food crops to provide the necessary cash flow to support a farming family’s daily needs. Moreover, a poor grasp of market dynamics often sees smallholders sell their trees when in need, rather than at the optimum time for financial returns. Even with the enormous potential for social forestry to address critical issues (e.g. tropical deforestation, rural poverty, industry demand for timber), its potential remains unrealised due to such constraints as poor understanding of silvicultural options to improve log quality and limited knowledge of the economics of smallholder timber production.

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  • Publisher : ACIAR FST/2015/040
  • Year : 2020

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