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Empowering Women in Community- Based Commercial Forestry through Master TreeGrower (MTG) Training

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Typical forestry training for farmers in Indonesia usually attracts men as the majority of participants, yet several studies have found women often play a key role in silviculture, trading of timber and non-timber forest products, and local forest industries. Women's participation in formal raining in the forestry sector is low. There are several factors that can constrain women's involvement in forestry training. Firstly, the ‘double burden’ of women can cause a role conflict. On the one hand, women are culturally expected to fulfill many domestic responsibilities. On the other hand, women also fulfill roles and participate in activities in the public sphere. Conflict between domestic duties (such as cooking, caring for children, taking children to school) and public duties (such as attending training related to forestry) often forces women to have to choose, and women will usually prioritize their domestic duties.

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  • Publisher : ACIAR FST/2015/040
  • Year : 2020

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